Checklist After Fire Damage

The aftermath of a house fire can be extremely jarring. These unexpected events can leave behind extensive damage both physically and emotionally. It can be difficult to pull yourself out of the shock of what’s happened and create an organized plan of attack for getting your life back to normal. There’s a lot to sort through from all the contacts you’ll need to get in touch with to begin the restoration process to salvaging items from your home. Here are some steps that can help get you on your feet again.

Contact Insurance

Your insurance agent is one of your most important resources in the event of fire damage. They will help you start the claims process for recovering what you lost. Many insurance policies cover the home and any personal belongings. Your insurance may also be able to address any immediate needs for lodging or daily expenses through “loss of use” funds. This can cover the cost of hotel stays or short-term rentals while you’re temporarily displaced. In addition, your agent can make recommendations for the restoration process.

Sort Through Belongings

This can be the most difficult task after a fire because, oftentimes, we lose valuable personal belongings that we’re attached to. You usually receive the cash value of what you’ve lost rather than having the item directly replaced. This is great for replacing any electronics or furniture.

While we can’t put a price on items with sentimental value that’s impossible to replace, it’s important to be logical when you’re sorting through the aftermath. Fires can cause extensive damage and even anything that was exposed to it slightly should be thrown away. Smoke odors and soot also lead to visible and invisible damage that can harm you in the long run.

Contact Professionals for Repair

While some may be tempted to start the restoration process themselves, it’s best to leave the cleanup and repairs to the professionals. Like we mentioned before, there are many visible and invisible damages that a fire can cause and substances like soot can leave irreparable damage if it’s not handled correctly or quickly. Professionals like Integrity Restoration will have efficient and thorough ways of completely removing any trace of a fire from your house.

Oftentimes, fire damage will also come with water damage if the fire department gets involved. Water comes with its own set of problems from flooded rooms to potential for mold growth. Trying to handle these problems yourself can lead to more trouble down the line. It’s highly encouraged to have professionals with the proper equipment come in and handle it.

Additional Checklist Items

The tasks may seem endless after fire damage from getting your own affairs organized to taking care of the needs of your loved ones. Here are important tasks to add to your to-do list.

  • Check in with family.
  • Secure your pets and set up health check-ins with a vet.
  • Get in touch with your landlord or mortgage lender as well as credit card companies to report lost cards.
  • Inform utility providers of the fire.
  • Replace valuable documents.
  • Contact a local disaster relief organization or service for aid.
  • Save receipts for expenses related to fire loss.
  • Obtain copies of the fire report.

Don’t face these situations alone. If you’re dealing with water damage, storm damage, or fire damage, we’re here to help. Call Integrity Restoration & Remodeling Contractors LLC servicing Roswell, Georgia and the surrounding areas 770-966-9987 orcontact us using our online form to learn more about our restoration methods.