Fire Damage Restoration

Specialists for Fire Damage Restoration and Smoke Odor Removal

Full-Service Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage can take many forms, including structural damage, smoke and soot damage, water damage from firefighting efforts.

A fire can be devastating. Not only does it damage your home and destroy personal belongings, but it causes great turmoil. If you’re lucky, you only have to deal with smoke damage to your home and possessions; those less fortunate may have to rebuild the structure and their life, almost from the ground up. In either scenario or anywhere in between, Integrity Restoration & Remodeling in Atlanta, GA is here to help. With our fire damage restoration services, we are committed to helping you put your home back in its original condition. No job is too big or small for us.

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Our Unmatched Fire Damage Restoration Services

At Integrity Restoration, we specialize in providing professional and reliable fire damage restoration services. Here’s how our process goes:

Cleaning Every Inch of Space

After a fire, smoke and soot can seep into even the tightest cracks and crevices. We make sure to clean every square inch of your space to ensure that all debris is removed. We provide climate-controlled storage to keep your contents safe and dry while we clean and remodel


Repairing Damaged Structures

We assess the damage and determine what parts of your home or business need to be repaired. Depending on the severity, we can either repair certain areas or replace them altogether if needed. This includes sealing off doors, windows, and other openings to prevent further fire-related damage and painting walls, ceilings, and floors to restore them to their full potential.

Restoring Your Home or Business

Once all repairs are complete, our team will work carefully to restore any fixtures or surfaces that require it. We have top notch professional fire damage restoration contractors and reliable partners that can assist in a very quick manner to help you salvage documents, perform evaluations, and restore electronics. Additional restoration includes laundry, dry cleaning, and professional ozone deodorization. 

The Benefits of Working with Professionals

Integrity Restoration is the top choice for fire damage restoration because we offer unbeatable service at the time when you need it most. 


  • Emergency Cleanup Services Available 24/7 – We are here to respond to your fire damage emergency 24/7, so you never have to wait to take control of your home.
  • Licensed Contractors – All of our contractors are licensed and insured, giving you peace of mind that your property and belongings are well-protected.
  • Unbeatable Customer Experience – Our team is dedicated to making your restoration journey as seamless as possible.
  • Experienced Workers – We have a team of experienced workers that can handle any fire damage restoration project without the hassle.
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Smoke Odor Removal

Smoke odor is always a huge concern after a fire, and we are the experts in eliminating any trace of a problem. Smoke odors can come from a house fire or a fireplace that got a little out of control. You can also get odors from leaving the Thanksgiving turkey in the oven too long. Did you know you can get odors from burning scented candles for too long? We can reverse the damage with little to no structural replacement and guarantee the results.

Get Help Today

Fire and smoke damage can cause a tremendous amount of destruction if not taken care of quickly. Don’t wait —call us now and get started on the path to recovery with fire damage restoration. Our team is available for you  24/7. When it comes to restoring your home or business, trust Integrity Restoration to get the job done correctly.