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Our diverse and exemplary knowledge allows us to proudly offer services to many types of clients from homeowners to property managers.

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Integrity Restoration & Remodeling Contractors LLC is a premier homeowner’s choice because we understand what you’re going through. We’re homeowners too, and like you, we’ve suffered losses ourselves. We understand the inconvenience and trauma these issues cause. We put our empathy and experience to work for you. We will help you to determine whether it’s in your best interest to file an insurance claim, and if it is, we’ll work closely with your adjuster to ensure that you don’t have to be any more involved in the technical aspects of the project than you choose to be; we’ll become your single point of contact for all trades, and before we’re done, we’ll ensure that all work is done to your complete satisfaction. Count on us to help you through a challenging situation.


Whether you own or manage one or multiple commercial or residential properties, you certainly realize the impact of a disaster from water, mold, fire, or a storm. We understand the negative effects these events can have on tenant relationships and revenue streams, as well as the administrative headaches they cause for you and your staff.

While there is no “Band-Aid” for such disaster, we will help minimalize the loss and inconvenience by facilitating communication with all involved insurance carriers, providing invoices and estimates on time, and helping you prioritize the restoration process to take care of the most important areas first. We can respond to any size project, from one room affected to several stories.


We offer something that almost all companies claim to offer but that few, in practice, actually do for insurance agents. We care about our customers and are interested in seeing them happy; we strive to give them the highest-quality workmanship and materials and to put their property back together better than before their loss.

This means our satisfied customer is your satisfied customer as well. After all, you’ve had relationships with some of your policy holders for many years and hope to enjoy them for many yet to come; the company you refer to them should reflect positively on you. Feel comfortable recommending the company that understands the homeowner, the adjuster, and the agent and is an expert at the complex balancing act required to allow everyone to walk away satisfied.

Customer satisfaction and retention is job number one. When an insured property owner calls his agent with questions about a possible loss to his property, an adjuster is assigned to investigate, and a claim is established. Sometimes these claims are not for covered issues or are under the deductible. Unfortunately, the claim has been filed at this point, and the damage has been done. We are available to you and your clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any emergency. If a claim is necessary, your insured will have a clear and concise estimate to send to the adjuster, along with digital photos. Most importantly, they will have a clear understanding of the process and how to proceed.

We have unique marketing partnerships with insurance agents and can offer you tools at little or no cost that increase retention and bring new business to your door, and we’d love to do an in-office demonstration of how these programs work!


Integrity has a network of plumbers who service residential and commercial properties. When your customer has water damage, they need help not only stopping the water but also cleaning it up and returning the property to its original state. Sometimes you need the sewage extracted from a crawl space or basement before your personnel can safely work there. If the leak went on for a long time before you got the call and mold developed, we could take care of that, too. Your customer will thank you, and we’ll thank you with a generous referral bonus.

We also help plumbers! Whether they are part of our referral program or not, if they are unfortunate enough to cause water damage. Even the best plumber is going to have a couple in their career—let us help clean it up quickly, painlessly, and at the best value for the money of any company in Atlanta.


Integrity is always interested in new talent, new products, and qualified subcontractors. However, we are a very small and customer-focused business, so we cannot accept phone calls on these subjects. If you will use our contact form and type us a BRIEF description of what you have to offer, we will email you or call you back if we want to learn more. Unsolicited emails or phone calls will not be accepted, but we promise that we read every message that comes through, and if you or your product or service fills a need, we will get back to you.


Whether working with individual insurance adjusters, small insurance carriers, or larger carriers through Third Party Administrators, we can help quickly (but properly and professionally) mitigate water damage and prevent mold or remediate existing mold.