Choosing a Fire Restoration Company

A fire breaking out in your house can lead to significant damage. There are many fire hazards that we work with every day, including gas stoves and perhaps space heaters. When a fire starts, putting it out as soon as possible is the main priority. Sometimes, however, the fire has already done damage before it is put out by you or the fire department. Following such a disaster, it’s time to look at fire restoration services. This type of service is deeply personal and does not come cheap, which means you need to ensure the people you hire truly know what they are doing. We give you a few tips to help you understand what to look for in a company that offers fire damage restoration services.

Find Local Service Providers in Your Area

looking into window of fire damaged room

The first step to hiring a fire restoration company is to look for a business that offers these services in your region. It is usually better to hire locally, as this may yield a more affordable quotation. If you choose a company that hails from farther away, they may charge you extra fees to travel to your location.

Make a list of several companies in your area – then go through each of them to find a company that will be most suitable for your restoration project.

Service Quality and Professionalism

You will likely be spending a large sum of money on the restoration procedure. This means you want to ensure you get value for the money you will be spending. With this in mind, considering service quality, as well as the professionalism of the company, becomes an essential factor.

Don’t be afraid to ask for credentials and experience. Contractors that offer restoration services need to hold the appropriate qualifications, as well as registration with local authorities. This will ensure the contractor is qualified to work on your restoration project.

Check References and Reviews

Most professional fire restoration companies will be able to offer references. This includes contact details for previous customers. You can contact these individuals to find out how their experience was while working with the company.

Additionally, taking your search online can be helpful too. Consider taking a look at if any past customers have left reviews on the company’s pages on Google Business and other directories. These reviews help you further understand whether the company is trustworthy.

Homeowners’ Insurance

You have hopefully taken out homeowners’ insurance prior to the disaster. In such a case, you will likely find that you can claim from the insurance agency. In some cases, they may pay the entire fee. In other scenarios, only a portion of the fee may be covered.

Regardless of how much is covered, there are usually rules in place that only allow these insurance agencies to pay out to registered companies and professionals. Make sure the company you want to hire can claim from your insurance provider.


Fire restoration is essential if your building is struck by this type of disaster but can be a costly process. Choosing the right fire restoration company is crucial. There are a few things to look at, which will ultimately ensure the company you choose will offer you a professional service with the results you desire. If you’re looking for a company that meets all the criteria we’ve mentioned, look no further than Integrity Restoration. We will do everything in our power to help you through the process of fire damage restoration. Contact us at our website or by calling (770) 966-9987.