Common Water Leak Spots in Your Home

One of the most frustrating things that homeowners have to deal with is a home water leak, and it can be difficult to deal with water that ends up leaking in your home. There are also situations where the leaks could end up damaging your belongings in some way, and it can also lead to more mold in your home. This mold could end up causing air quality problems, so it’s easy to see how common water leaks at home can lead to a host of new issues.Where are you most likely to find a water home leak? If you’ve dealt with common water leaks before, you might be aware of several of these areas. Leaks can be extremely inconvenient, and they can also cost a lot of time and money to fix. Here are some of the most common places where you will find a home water leak.

The Sink And The Toilet

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise – a water home leak is often found right under the sink. One of the easiest things you can do for common water leaks at home under the sink is to just check under the sink from time to time and ensure that you don’t see any water leaking out of the pipes.

Cat looking at dripping faucet

The toilet is also one of the most common areas for a water home leak. If you are noticing mold or mildew around your toilet, this is a clear sign that you are dealing with a common water leak, and it might be best to contact a professional as soon as possible.


There’s a good chance that you and the other people that live with you use the sink and toilet every day, so it’s easy to notice a water home leak there. You also might be used to noticing regular wear and tear, as well. However, you should also check the ceilings from time to time.

A wet spot in your ceiling could be very bad news – whether it’s a toilet that is leaking from an upper floor or a broken pipe in the wall that is leaking through. The ceiling remains one of the most common areas for a water home leak, so look up and check them from time to time.

The Washing Machine

It doesn’t take much more than common sense to think about where there’s a common water leak – and many people will immediately think of the sink or toilet. You also might consider your shower or bathtub as a problem for common water leaks at home. Where else could pose issues in the future?

The answer is behind the washing machine! Your washing machine uses a whole lot of water, even though you might not use it every day. Every once in a while, homeowners should look behind the washing machine for any wet spots. Of course, mold or mildew might also be a red flag and signal you to a common water leak. If you’re worried about leaking water in your home, you should reach out to Integrity Restoration by going to our website or calling (770) 966-9987. Our professionals will get it taken care of.