Estimating Fire Damage Costs

A fire accident is just that, an accident. No one ever plans that such tragedy could befall them. One might be able to escape with their lives intact. However, it’s still devastating.

In the event of a fire outbreak, restoring your home is often the first step to take towards rebuilding your life from the ashes.

Let’s look at estimating fire damage costs and how to calculate restoration prices.

Restoration Pricing

Estimating the fire damage costs of your home depends on the degree of fire damage and the type of damage. The costs of fire damage, soot damage, smoke, and water damage vary.

Materials, services, and labor rate are included when estimating the fire damage costs for restoration. The average cost is between $3,000 and $4,000.

The cheapest cost is about $2,500, for single-family homes with the need for minimal services. A home with multiple rooms require more effort and fees can be high as $46,000. [1]

Damage Costs

Restoration applies to repairs of home appliances such as bedroom wares, kitchen, and other rooms’ contents. As the homeowner, you could opt for a cost analysis.

The cost could be broken down per working hour, room size, items’ worth, cause of the fire, and other determining factors to make the final estimate.

Estimating fire damage costs is a very broad range, with average prices for restoration being between $250 and $6,000. For the types of damages and their restoration costs, the pricing is also diverse.

  • Water damage Restoration: A broken sprinkler or water mass from firefighters’ attempt on putting out the fire can gather up water. Drying out the water and repairs of damaged items ranges from $3,000 – $6,000.
  • Smoke damage Restoration: Deodorizing and repelling smokes costs anywhere between $250 and $1,200. This should allow for a healthy working environment for repairs.
  • Soot damage Restoration: Cleaning and taking out stains may require ‘cosmetic’ services. Ash-stained walls and floors, impacted by the fire may require extra cleaning service. Price ranges between $400 and $1,700.
  • Chemical damage Restoration:  Residues left from the fire may leave toxic air and an ozone treatment might be needed to change that. The cost goes for $600 – $2,000. Some residues stay on items; if you need a special chemo-detector to be sure, get an experienced professional.
  • Structural damage Restoration:  This includes installations, reassembling, or replacement of burnt wood. It’s almost like renovating the entire house. If you’re lucky, some things are reused, so, the cost may be managed. All in all it could be between $15,000 and $25, 000.

Calculating Fire Damage Restoration Costs

The average cost per sq. is $4.00 – $6.50, which includes damages incurred from the fire. An estimate of the square footage of the home could be made for you via measurement if you request.

Below is a guide for the average fire damage restoration cost per house size –

  • $6,500 for 1,000 sq. ft.
  • $8,750 for 1,750 sq. ft.
  • $12,000 for 2,000 sq. ft.
  • $13,500 for 2,500 sq. ft.
  • $15,000 for 3,000 sq. ft.
  • $20,000 for 4,000 sq. ft.

In most cases, a period of 48 hours is recommended as an appropriate time for a technician to take action on your home.

Remember, you can request a guide to help plan your restoration routine. Some fire damages may turn out more serious. With your insurance company, good decisions are made and the cost is managed

Hiring a technician to fix one aspect of the damages is fine. However, consider the cost of paying them off individually for their services. You want to manage costs as much as you can. Here’s how you can do this –

Integrity Restoration and Remodeling Contractors LLC offers you an opportunity for fire damage restoration and to have your home just as it was, regardless of the extent of the damage.

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