Everything You Need to Know About Testing, Cleaning, and Maintaining Your Smoke Detectors

We all know that smoke detectors do an important job in our homes, especially during the holidays when we have lights and candles burning throughout the day. They keep as safe by alerting us in case of fires. However, many households will forget that these little devices exist until they start chirping for new batteries, at which time people will simply pull them out to leave them silent. Smoke detectors play a critical role when maintained correctly. Providing routine care will ensure that your smoke detector is functioning well and capable of saving the day when it needs to.


It is important to test your smoke alarms every so often to ensure it is in proper working order. Most smoke alarms will come with a test button that you can use to see if it is functioning the way it is supposed to. Never use real smoke or flames to test it. Instead, just press the test button until you hear the test sequence. The sound it makes may vary depending on the model you have from loud beeps to actually voice alerts. You’ll want to test your smoke detectors at least twice a year although it is recommended by the Fire and Rescue NSW to test every month to ensure batteries and the alarm are working.


You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean off the dust or cobwebs surrounding your smoke detector. Cleaning them out at least twice a year will make sure it is clear of any pollen, smoke, or other dust pieces that can keep it from working correctly during an emergency. Dirty smoke detectors can cause the sensor to become less sensitive to the environment and reduce the performance of the detectors. On top of vacuuming around the unit, you can also wipe down any outside vents.


Smoke detectors were created to be relatively low maintenance. In addition to testing and cleaning, you should do some routine checks and replacements to keep it in working shape. Replace your smoke detector’s batteries on a regular basis, at least once a year. Some detectors come with a lithium battery which can’t be replaced so the entire unit will need to be swapped out every decade.

You should also expect to replace your smoke alarm every 10 years. They are not built to last forever so when you’re coming up on the 10-year mark, schedule a time to get these units switched out with new ones.

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