Fire Damage Restoration Timeline

After a fire, one would want nothing more than to go back to normal life, recover belongings, and leave the bad memories in the past. No matter how small or large the damage is, there’s always some type of cleanup in the aftermath of a fire. This could include replacing damaged objects, furniture, and appliances, getting in touch with insurance companies, and restoring or replacing the charred areas. We’re here to share a timeline for cleanup and restoration after experiencing a fire.

Dealing with Damage

One of the first things we all want to do is assess the damage. We want to know what’s salvageable and what is burnt beyond repair.  What you’ll notice mainly is soot residue and discoloration. Anything from appliances to plastic to furniture will begin to discolor more permanently. Many things may be warped due to the heat and have permanent odor. You might also have water damage to your belongings as well.

Key Steps After a Fire

Restoration after fire damage needs to happen immediately in order to get your home back to its original state. You’ll go through a couple of steps with your restoration company as your home is being repaired.

The first is the inspection process. This is when the restoration professionals will go through your home and identity all the damage that’s been caused by the fire. They’ll thoroughly record everything and create a pricing quote for you. They will also work with your insurance company and go through what will and won’t be covered.

The next step is cleaning. There is a lot to clean up after a fire. It’s best to get a restoration company involved because they’ll be well equipped to handle any cleanup with the proper tools and knowledge to thoroughly clean the soot and odors from the area. The company will begin with ventilating your house and then using specific products to clean all areas of the house from walls to doors to your furniture.

Next, a restoration company such as Integrity Restoration and Remodeling, will treat your home for the smell of smoke. They use different technologies that will help to permanently remove odors from the home and will prevent your home from having a residual smell after the fire.

Finally, the restoration process will take place once everything is cleared out and cleaned up. This can take a few days to weeks depending on how extensive the damage is. The restoration process will include cleaning, deodorizing, removing, repairing, and rebuilding anything that was destroyed by the fire.

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