How to Protect Your Home from a Busted Pipe

Picture of exposed pipes.

Pipe bursts are stressful and unwelcomed in the home. Water damage not only causes problems upfront, but also additional problems down the line if they aren’t addressed immediately. Here at Integrity Restoration, we hope to arm you with some useful tips to protect your home from these occurrences and give you advice on what to do if it does end up happening.


There are several factors that can cause a pipe to burst from clogs to cold weather. The best way to handle a burst pipe is to take the steps necessary to prevent one from happening.

Clogs are one reason why your pipes may end up failing. If you notice a buildup of water in your sinks, don’t ignore it and, instead, work to find the problem quickly. Whether it is a quick fix that you can address or something more complicated you need to call in a professional for, tackling it early will prevent bigger issues later.

Extreme temperatures are also a common cause of pipe bursts. We can’t control the ground temperature around our home, but we can take some extra steps to prevent freezing. Keep your faucets dripping when it’s cold outside. A constant stream of flow will make it harder for your pipes to freeze and burst. In addition, do what you can to keep cold areas of your home warm. This might include keeping your cabinet doors open or running a heater in certain sections. Finally, keep your home’s temperature relatively warm and use the help of heat tape to warm up your pipes.


Sometimes even our best efforts can’t prevent a pipe burst. What is important here is to have steps in place to help minimize the damage.

The first thing you need to do is locate your water shut-off valves and close them. This prevents new water from getting into the home and continuing to flood the area. Once you’ve addressed water coming in, you should drain any water that is still in your pipes and relieve pressure by opening the faucets.

After calming the initial situation, you should take a good look over your home and try to pinpoint the burst pipe. Look for signs of water damage such as stains, bulging ceilings, or puddles. Call a professional and assess the area. Document anything you think you’d need for an insurance claim if the damage is significant.

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