Timeline for Restoration from Storm Damage

Storm damage is unpredictable and can uproot our lives, leaving plenty to clean up in the months following. The aftermath of a storm can be debilitating and overwhelming. Many of us just want to get back to our routines as soon as possible in our safe and comfortable homes. While the restoration process can vary depending on what you’re dealing with, we’re here to break down the basics to help you move the process along.

Prioritize Safety

First and foremost, the main concern is to get you and your loved ones to a safe place. Storms can leave behind all kinds of damage from broken windows to an unstable roof to fallen power lines. While you may be tempted to assess the damage, patch up your home, and salvage what you can, do not stick around unless you’re sure there is no threat.

In addition, be wary of any structural damages, loose debris like nails or glass, and signs of a gas leak.

Secure Property

Once the storm has passed and it isn’t dangerous to return to your house, you can take steps towards minimizing any additional damage. The restoration process takes time depending on what your home’s damages look like and anything you can do to secure your property can speed up restoration.

Make sure to grab any valuable possessions that you don’t want damaged. If there’s important documents or items you’ve left behind, this would be the time to secure them.

Next, you can put in temporary measures to mitigate any further damage. For example, you could board up windows that are leaking to prevent further water damage or do your best to remove any standing water to minimize mold. We recommend reaching out to Integrity Restoration and Remodeling in Roswell, Georgia to help with restoration services.

Document Damage

Assessing the damage is an important step in speeding up the restoration process especially if you know you’re going to claim the damage on your insurance. If your home was hit, it is likely that others in the area are also experiencing problems. This means the sooner you get your information in order, the quicker the insurance can process your claims.

Start by doing a thorough walkthrough of the inside and outside of your home. Take your time and have multiple eyes examining the damage. It can be easy to miss something during your first loop around your house. Take note of damage to windows, roofing, siding, doors, outdoor HVAC, etc. Make sure to take pictures of everything you come across as well as manufacturer identifiers of furniture, appliances, or other household items if tags are still there.

Work with a Trusted Professional

The final step is to find a reputable restoration company like Integrity to come in and repair the damages. These experts can be contacted at any point throughout the process and help you with tasks along the way like contacting insurance companies or examining the interior and exterior of your home.

The type of damage will determine the length of restoration and the equipment needed to handle the project. They might bring in specialized pumps and vacuums to remove water and bring in dehumidifiers or air movers to combat mold. Our restoration company will prevent further structural damage and renovate any areas of your home that need help.

Don’t handle these situations alone. If you run into water or storm damage, we’re here to help. We offer repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call Integrity Restoration & Remodeling Contractors LLC at 770-966-9987 or contact us using our online form to learn more about our storm damage restoration methods.