What Damage Can a Sewage Backup Cause?

Sewage backups are not pretty, and these unexpected disasters can wreak havoc on our homes. These backups can occur when the sewer lines become blocked, preventing wastewater from moving through drainage pipes. They should be dealt with immediately to prevent further damage on your home. While it may seem like a cleanup you can do on your own, we highly advise against that. Instead, call in professionals to help you out. A plumbing or septic company is ideal for getting your pipes unclogged. Integrity Restoration will be there to repair any water damage your backup might have caused.

Causes of Sewage Backups

Sewage backups can occur for a number of reasons and may not directly be related to something that you did. Factors outside of your control that damage pipes include tree roots, damaged lines, or heavy rainfall. These are all things that can put excess stress on the sewage lines. Tree roots can make holes or even crush pipes. Older sewer systems can break down over time especially if they are made of cast iron or clay. Finally, heavy rain can overburden a city’s sewage system.

A cause that may be within your control is clogs. Clogs can occur in your sewage pipes if there is grease, oil, hair, or other materials stuck in your drainpipes. If you notice more than one toilet or sink that is backed up, this may be a larger issue with the main line but if only one is clogged, it is likely the drain that is directly connected to it.

Sewage Backup Damages

A sewage backup can lead to extensive damage to your home. These can be detrimental to the integrity of your house and can also have negative effects on your health. This is why it is important to have trained professionals help you deal with it.

Health Concerns

Sewage is made of contaminated water that is home to harmful bacteria or diseases. Think about all the things that get washed down the drain or flushed down a toilet. This could be anything from shampoo to chemicals to waste. You do not want to clean it up yourself because you could be coming in contact with bacteria like E. coli or viruses like hepatitis A.

Home Destruction

Dirty sewage and wastewater are capable of causing a lot of damage to your home. It ruins carpets and floorboards and creates perfect growing conditions for mold. Mold growth in homes can be scary because these microorganisms show up quickly and can cause their own host of health problems.

Aire-borne Irritants

It isn’t just the physical contact with sewage waste you need to worry about. Oftentimes, sewage that gets into your home can also create air-borne contaminants. This can cause health issues as well as exacerbate any previous conditions like asthma. You don’t want to risk inhaling any of the air around you when a sewage backup occurs because of all the potential upper respiratory issues that can come from it.

Don’t handle these situations alone. If you run into trouble, we’re here to help repair the water damage. Call Integrity Restoration & Remodeling Contractors LLC in Marietta, Georgia at 770-966-9987 orcontact us using our online form to learn more about our water damage restoration methods.