What To Do After a House Fire

A house fire can cause untold damage to your home and your emotional state. The stress can be overwhelming, causing extreme frustration and a sense of being lost or unsure of what to do.

Because it can be challenging to know where to begin, we have put together a checklist to help you take steps to find a new normal after experiencing a house fire.

What To Do After a House Fire Checklist

When you aren’t sure what to do after a house fire and are concerned about house fire damage or finding a house fire restoration company, this list can help.

Stay on the Safe Side

The first step is to stay out of the house until the local fire department says it is safe to enter. Depending on the extent of the fire, house fire damage can make parts of the home’s structure unsafe for use. Follow the directions from the fire department on when you can enter your home again.

If the fire department says your home is safe to enter, you can reclaim important items like identification and insurance papers. Don’t try to take food items left in the home during the fire, as they can be unsafe for consumption after exposure to the fire’s high heat.

After accessing your home, you can begin taking inventory of what needs cleaning, repair, or replacement. Photos of damaged items along with receipts and notes can be helpful later on during the insurance claims process.

Report the House Fire Damage to Your Insurance

The next step is to contact your home insurance company. You’ll need to inform your insurance company of the fire, and they will be able to advise you on the steps you will need to take to make an insurance claim.

Call in Professional Restoration Companies

After the insurance company has approved the next steps, it’s time to bring in fire damage restoration companies. House fire restoration is complex and time-consuming, even in homes with minimal fire or water damage. Professional restoration companies can make the clean-up process easier for you.

House fire restoration typically includes:

●       Extracting water from the home (from the fire hoses or broken water pipes)

●       Removing soot and smoke particles from all surfaces (including vents)

●       Replacing fire and water damaged materials

●       Alleviating the smell of smoke from the home

●       Improving the home’s air quality

●       Disposing of unsalvageable items (with the homeowner’s approval)

Each step of the house fire restoration process aims to clean, repair, or replace the parts and items of your home to make it feel welcoming again. You shouldn’t have to try to take on this significant responsibility by yourself. Instead, a team of restoration professionals can help you save time and frustration after a house fire.

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