What to do if You Find Mold in Your Home

Mold. The very word strikes fear in a homeowner’s heart. The nasty surprise can grow fast — within 24-48 hours of getting wet, mold can sprout on many household materials. Aside from the damage it can cause to your home, sinus infections can also be attributed to mold.

In other words, mold is a serious issue both for materials in your home as well as your health and safety.

What should you do if you find mold in your home? Getting rid of it quickly is imperative. Find out what to do here.

Test for Mold

Up close photo of mold spore

Are your allergies acting up out of season? Do you notice a strange smell in your house — particularly after it has been closed up for a few hours? Have you recently experienced a leak in your bathroom?

Any of these problems could be indications that you have a bathroom mold problem. Because of the cost of repairs and the significant health danger that mold represents, you should immediately test for bathroom mold. Home test kits are inexpensive but can be unreliable. They are a good starting point, though.

If you still think there is mold somewhere but can’t find it with a home kit, a professional test is more thorough. Expect to spend a few hundred dollars.

Determine the Cause

Figuring out the cause of the bathroom mold — and repairing it — is critical to keep the mold from coming back. You don’t want to spend several thousand dollars on mold cleanup only to have to repeat the process a few weeks later when it gets bad again.

Avoid DIY Mold Cleanup

But how do you get rid of bathroom mold? If you find small amounts of mold in your home, you may believe you’ll be able to handle the cleanup yourself. However, keep in mind that mold is delicate and touching it will release more spores into the air. These spores can land on other surfaces and start a new colony somewhere else.

We strongly suggest avoiding DIY mold cleanup, is it often ignores the root of the problem, leaving hidden bathroom mold to continue spreading and causing damage to your home and home air quality.

Professional Help with Mold Removal

Understanding how to get rid of bathroom mold and mold in other areas of your home sounds simple. However, if the problem is widespread or you go about the cleanup incorrectly, you could be setting yourself up for some serious problems.

Professional mold removal is always recommended to thoroughly ensure that all mold is properly and permanently removed from your home. Find out more about our mold remediation services here at Integrity Restoration and Remodeling.