image of black mold growing on ceiling, alluding to the fact that mold remediation is requiredProperly caring for your home comes with many responsibilities. One hazard that can often be dangerously overlooked is water damage and the effects thereof. Unfortunately, neglecting to have water damage treated by professionals can potentially lead to significant health concerns, among other things.

With the possibility of your health being at risk, it’s crucial that you have water damage analyzed by a professional immediately. But how can you tell if the water damage is at the point where mold remediation is also required?

When is Mold Remediation Required?

As a major cause of health concerns and the compromised structural integrity of your home, water damage should not be ignored. If left untreated, you can experience much bigger problems when moisture becomes trapped and mold begins to grow. If mold growth is found, professional mold remediation will be required in order to avoid dangerous effects.

Potential Dangers Caused by Water Damage and Mold Growth

The first sign of water damage is the first moment when you should consider getting a professional inspection for potential mold. Whether it be from flooding, leaking pipes, or even condensation and humidity, when moisture is present, the chance of mold growth increases, and the following problems are more likely to occur:

1. Respiratory Issues

When moisture is present in areas of your home, mold growth is possible, and in turn, those mold spores can trigger respiratory issues. Even worse, when left unaddressed, you could be looking at it spreading more widely than where the growth originally started.

2. Structural Integrity

Once water damage ensues, mold growth can spread and wood typically begins to rot, and this can lead to structural instability in walls, floors, and other areas. Problems with structural integrity can be extremely dangerous, so if you think your home may have experienced any issues, contact a professional immediately.

3. Electrical Hazards

In some cases, when water seeps through walls and other areas, it can lead to electrical hazards when it comes into contact with wiring. Never attempt to inspect an area that you suspect might be subject to electrical hazards and contact a professional who has the tools and know-how. Always be cautious, as these situations have the potential to result in electrocution or a fire.

4. Risk of Infection

According to the CDC, mold can lead to more than just a stuffy nose and sore throat. It can lead to a skin rash and other serious infections for those who are immune-compromised or those who have chronic lung disease.

There’s no such thing as being too cautious when it comes to your health and the safety of your home. Professional mold remediation services are not just an optional precaution, they’re essential.

Get Your Health and Home Back with Integrity Restoration and Remodeling

If you’ve been faced with water damage and are wondering, “when is mold remediation required,” don’t wait until it’s too late. Call the professionals at Integrity Restoration and Remodeling to get your health and home back in order. Our certified technicians are trained and experienced when it comes to mold remediation services and can handle the following so you don’t have to:

  • Site and Damage Assessment
  • Remediation Services
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Indoor Environmental Control
  • Restoration Services

Have any questions? Contact us to get the answers when it comes to water damage and mold remediation services. Don’t wait another second when your life and home could be at risk. Integrity Restoration and Remodeling is here when it matters most.