When to Call in a Specialist for Mold

It is a pain when you discover mold in your home or have reasons to believe it has made its way into your house. Mold can be tricky to handle and can grow and get out of hand before you’ve even noticed. Tackling this problem yourself can be risky especially if you don’t have the background knowledge to do so. There are specific signs that tell you a call to the experts is what is needed. Continue reading to learn when you should call in a specialist for mold issues rather than handling it yourself.

Extensive Mold Growth

Minor growth is easier to deal with but if you’re looking at mold covering a large space, it’s better to call in the experts. This is either a sign that the problem has been going on for a long time or that you’re dealing with fast-growing mold. Either is difficult to manage because there’s most likely enough damage to the drywall and surroundings that it will all need to be replaced.

Location of Mold

Sometimes mold is found in obvious locations and are easy to detect and reach. However, there are often times when mold is growing in places that we don’t inspect often and are difficult to access. This can include places in your home like smaller crawlspaces, unused attic space, or in the ducts or vents. A specialist will have the skills and tools needed to rid the area of the mold while also protecting your house.

Smells but No Sighting

If your house has been smelling weird lately but you’re unsure where it is coming from, it’s better to call a specialist in to uncover the location the mold has been growing. Many homeowners are tipped off to mold when they notice the smell of decay or wet clothes. It’s a humid a musty smell that stands out from the rest of the home. These can signal that there is a lot of mold growing somewhere, enough that the spores are already in your home and causing potentially health risks.

Excessive Moisture

Moisture is your enemy when it comes to mold in your home. Mold thrives in wet spaces and always it to grow pretty much uninhibited. Moisture can come from leaky appliances or pipes or water damage in your home. A professional knows exactly how to handle restoration after water damage and can ensure that mold doesn’t grow or spread.

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