Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Water Damage

Water should only enter your home where it’s supposed to which means through the pipes that are specifically made for transporting water. If it ends up anywhere else, you have a problem. Water damage can occur through something as small as a leak, or as big as a flooded basement. No matter how little the damage may seem, you need to address it as soon as it occurs. Ignoring the problem for too long can cause extensive damages to your home and your health.

Expensive Bills

One thing you may notice with a water leak is higher utility bills. While a leak may start off being less serious, allowing it to drip for a longer than necessary will lead to wasted water, more money out of your pocket, and potential damage.

Structural Damage

You will find that water damage can also impact the integrity of your home. Wet patches, overflowing water, burst pipes, or any other type of water damage can cause your wood to rot or pieces of drywall to break down. When this happens, especially to supportive structures, there’s a chance for areas of your home to become unsafe. Not acting on any sign of water in your home quickly can enhance effort, time, and money to fix a bigger problem later on.

Health Effects

When water comes into our homes, mold isn’t far behind. Areas that are damp are likely to grow mold in as quickly as just a day or two. Mold spores multiply quickly and will soon spread throughout your home. As moisture builds up in your home, other bacteria have a chance to grow. At a minimum this can cause musty, unpleasant smells. At the more dangerous level, this could exacerbate allergies or breathing problems anyone in your home has or cause other health issues to occur. This becomes a risky situation for anyone in the home, especially vulnerable populations like elderly or small children.

Potential Hazards

All homes have hundreds to thousands of electrical wires running through them and if water gets in contact with any of them, this could lead to dangerous situations like electric shock or fires. You want to do your best to keep water away from anyplace electricity is involved. Calling in professionals to dry out spaces safely for you is much easier to handle than bodily harm from shocks or restoring a burnt home.

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